Introductory offer!
Free annual subscription for the first 50 registered residences!

ChaletXchange aims to offer its members the opportunity to discover new horizons, meet new people and make new discoveries at lower cost by facilitating their relationship.

For whom is ChaletXchange intended for?
ChaletXchange is for any person or family wanting to discover new horizons at a lower cost, in a simple, friendly, authentic way and willing to reciprocally exchange their primary or secondary residence.

Nothing prevents tenants from exchanging their rented residence as an exchange is a non-commercial transaction. However, though not mandatory, it is recommended that tenants ask the owner for permission before embarking on the adventure.

How much does it cost?
Exchanges are free, only the 120 CHF yearly subscription to the site is due as well as any possible local tourist taxes (according to the locality of the residence exchanged).

How often can I exchange my residence?
The yearly subscription allows for an unlimited number of exchanges.

For how long can I exchange my residence?
You can exchange your residence for the duration you want, according to the agreements made with exchanging partners. It can be for just a weekend, enough to discover a new activity or a new resort or for longer breaks in order to take full advantage.

Should exchanges be simultaneous?
Not necessarily. It’s up to you and your exchange partner to decide on the dates that they will come to yours and the dates you will go to theirs.

What are the compulsory insurances required to cover damages to the residence?
Your liability insurance should cover all types of damage you may cause in the residence you are using.

Do I have to pay tourist tax?
In Switzerland, communal regulations regarding tourist taxes stipulate that tourist tax is payable by guests who spend the night in the territory of the municipality without being domiciled there.

This regulation also applies in the context of a non-commercial accommodation exchange and the procedure is identical to that in force when you invite friends to your secondary residence for example.

If you have already paid this tax as part of an all-inclusive package, no further steps and no additional costs are necessary. 

If the tourist tax in your municipality is not all inclusive, you need to proceed in the same way as when you invite friends or family and contact the competent municipal authorities.

In other countries, please check with local authorities as legislation may vary according to the destination.

Does the platform only target residences in mountain regions?
No, it is quite possible to offer residences in other regions with tourist attractions (lakes, urban or over the border regions) that could be of interest to members.

Does the platform only allow the exchange of secondary residences?
No, nothing prevents you from exchanging your principal residence if you wish.

Should an exchange necessarily be of similar standing?
No, any exchange is possible as long as the members exchanging have agreed. Remember that an exchange is not one of standing or of square meters but a change of scenery and experience.

How do we exchange keys?
If you have the opportunity to meet beforehand, this will allow for a handover of keys and to meet the family with whom you will exchange.

You can also ask a family member, friend or neighbor to greet your guests. 

Sending keys through registered mail is also a possibility.

If these options are not possible, there are inexpensive key boxes on the market. 

How is the confidentiality of my personal data guaranteed?
Our internal messaging system guarantees the anonymity of the members. Members can communicate with each other without their identity appearing. Once a contact has been established for an exchange, members can then communicate their contact information freely and vice versa.

Please refer to our legal terms and conditions for more information on privacy.

How is the quality of the exchanges ensured?
Offers of exchanges on the site are only accessible after payment of the yearly subscription to avoid less motivated offers. 

The identity of the members is verified by the site within 48 hours of registration.  Proof of identification and of ownership / rental for the proposed residence must be provided to Chaletxchange to validate the registration.

The site and its internal messaging system are secure.

We also recommend that members provide feedback on the quality of the exchanges they have made.