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This is an automatic translation of our Legal Notice written in French to help non-French speakers understand the general content. Please note that only the Legal Notice available on our site in French is valid.


These Terms of Use apply to any User and Member of our Sites, amateur of escapades and stays in the mountains. By accessing and browsing our website or our pages on social networks (“the Sites” or “the Platform”), you agree to accept the conditions. These constitute the contract between ChaletXchange and the Members / Users.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, notably for legal reasons or to allow the Sites to function better.


It is a platform designed to connect landlords or tenants to enable them to carry out potential fixed-term exchanges at their convenience. This Platform is not intended to help members rent or sell their property. The exchanges are based on mutual trust and user-friendliness.


  • Subscription: This is a one-year subscription fee, renewable, allowing access to all the features of the Exchange Platform.
  • Users: There are two categories of non-Member Users, namely:
    – Visitors browsing in an unregistered way, but who are curious to discover our services.
    – Registered users who have created a profile and who have the ability to post information about their residences and view other people’s residences, but who have not yet activated a Subscription allowing them to fully enjoy our exchange service.
  • Members / Subscribers : Anyone over the age of 18, registered, who is willing and able to publish their residence on our Sites. Subscribers have more features than simple users such as the ability to see availability dates of other residences, to take advantage of the internal messaging system and to  exchange.
  • Residence(s): any apartment, house, or cottage, whether your secondary or main home, available for exchange and located in an area with a tourist attraction especially in a mountain or lake region, in an attractive urban region in Switzerland, neighboring France or Italy.
  • Exchange: Exchange means two Members who, in a reciprocal basis, agree to exchange their accommodation for a fixed-term getaway. Remember that you are not trading a standing or square meters but a change of scenery. Any exchange is possible from the moment Members reach an agreement. In addition, exchanges do not have to be simultaneous. For example, you can go to family A’s residence during the Easter break whilst they will come to yours during the summer break. 


Whether you are a Member or a User, you are responsible for ensuring that the information below is correct and that you have permission to publish it on this Platform. ChaletXchange declines all responsibility in relation to this data as well as for the security of your account. By creating a profile, we ask you to share the following information:

  • Personal data: name, e-mail address and telephone number as a minimum. When you subscribe as a Member (see section “Members / Subscriptions” below), ChaletXchange will collect your bank details, a copy of your ID and / or passport, as well as a certificate of ownership / lease. Your Facebook profile will also be shared if you decide to register via this one.
  • Housing data: location, ie commune or exact address, information on the dimensions and functionalities of the residence (number of bedrooms, beds, bathrooms, toilets, as well as living space, among others). By providing pictures of the accommodation on our Sites, you guarantee that you can freely use them and that they are representative of reality. In particular, you are responsible for ensuring that there are no identifiable individuals in the photos, as well as a mailing address or any valuables. ChaletXchange reserves the right to filter the photos before they are published, but limits its responsibility for their content. No racist, violent or sexual images will be accepted on the Sites.

ChaletXchange will be able to use and share your name, profile picture and information about the actions you have performed on the Platform.

ChaletXchange reserves the right to no longer offer its services and / or to close accounts without notice if it considers that you violate these conditions or if it decides to do so in the interest of the Platform. This also applies if you have not participated in an exchange on the Platform during the first 3 years after the posting of your ad.


In order to take advantage of all the features of the Platform, get in touch and conclude exchanges with other Members, you must subscribe to a Subscription. In order to limit abuse and to ensure a better functioning of the Platform, this Subscription is a guarantee for other Members that you are a person really interested in using the exchange system.

Operation : 

-Step 1: Register for free, post information about your accommodation and access Members’ online ads like any other person who has created a profile.

-Step 2: Go further and subscribe as a Member in order to get in touch with other Subscribers via our internal messaging, agree on dates and exchange. This subscription is paid and is valid for a period of one year. For the security of all other Subscribers and in order to validate your request, you will have to provide, via our Platform, a copy of your ID and / or passport and a certificate of ownership / rental of your accommodation as well as your bank data via the payment platform made available on the site. Your request will be processed within 48 hours and you can then enjoy all the features of the Platform.

Cancellation of exchanges: If you wish to cancel an exchange already validated, be sure to inform your exchange family as soon as possible and to explain the reasons for doing so. In addition, please inform ChaletXchange by e-mail at the contact address and update your calendar on the website. If the exchange cancellation request does not appear justified ChaletXchange reserves the right to no longer offer its services and / or close the account without notice.


The price of the subscription is 120 CHF, all taxes included for a duration of one year. Subscription is payable directly upon validation of the subscription request. You may cancel your Subscription at any time, but the amount will not be refunded for the period for which it was subscribed. Your subscription is renewed and your account debited automatically if you do not cancel 1 month before the end of the subscription period. ChaletXchange reserves the right to change the amount of the subscription at any time.

Any dispute relating to the payment of dues must be submitted in writing to ChaletXchange as soon as possible but no later than 15 days after the date of issue of the invoice.


Responsibility of the Members: ChaletXchange is released from any responsibility in connection with the actual progress and the quality of the exchanges as well as stays. Members exchange their accommodation (including key and access code) at their own risk, by their own means and under their full responsibility. In no case should Members divulge confidential information with other Members on the Platform (eg banking data, valuables in the accommodation). Once in contact, they are free to exchange their contact information (name, phone, e-mail) with other Members according to their own criteria.

ChaletXchange confirms that it has obtained a copy of the ID and / or passport, as well as the certificate of ownership or rental from Members, but cannot guarantee that these documents are authentic.

Members and Users use the Sites at their own risk. They are authorized to download and use the content of the Platform only in their personal capacity. ChaletXchange assumes no liability, particularly in relation to any inconvenience caused by the use of the Platform and its services.

Liability : ChaletXchange will not be held responsible for any damage caused during the exchange, in connection with the exchange or default of one of the Members or the quality of a home or a stay. Host Members are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining valid homeowners’ insurance, or other valid civil insurance as required by applicable law in connection with the exchange and any related convenience, including the protection of any property damage to third parties. This insurance must remain valid and in effect for the duration of the exchange. ChaletXchange is not responsible for the failure of such insurance and it is the responsibility of the Members to ensure the existence of such insurance, especially when it is not mandatory in some countries.

It is the responsibility of Members to review and understand their own insurance coverage and the coverage offered by any other Member with whom they participate in an exchange, including home and liability insurance. You remain solely responsible in the event that your participation in an exchange violates an agreement or policy with your insurance provider.


After staying at another Member’s residence, you will have the opportunity to comment on your experience and express how it was positive for you. ChaletXchange is a platform for mutual exchange of residences, but that does not necessarily mean that the homes exchanged are of the same standard, size or comfort as yours. As a free and non-paying exchange, ChaletXchange urges its Members to cultivate a spirit of conviviality and hospitality and to see this experience as an opportunity to discover a new Destination. ChaletXchange reserves the right to moderate comments before they are published. In the case of slanderous, abusive, defamatory or unrelated comments, ChaletXchange may refuse content at any time. If there is a problem, see the “complaints” section below.


In case of problems (eg theft, damage, abuse), you can contact us by e-mail at We will try to help you find a solution.


Copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights relating to the texts, images and other documents on our Sites belong to ChaletXchange or are used in particular with the permission of Users or Members. No reproduction of our Sites or their content may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes.

Pictures made available by Users / Members:

• You guarantee that you own the copyrights or you have acquired the rights necessary to reproduce them on our Sites.

• You grant ChaletXchange a free, transferable, sub licensable, and worldwide license to reproduce, publish, host, share, modify, translate, and create derivative of your content (such as pictures and text) on the Platform and any other documentation related to the Platform and its services (especially on social networks or in newsletters).

ChaletXchange has no responsibility for the content and pictures you post on the Platform. In case of a third party complaint, you are responsible for managing it directly with the third party. ChaletXchange may, upon request or at its discretion, remove content at any time.


These Terms of Use are governed by Swiss law and any controversy is within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

If you have a question, please contact us by email at We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.